About Gateway worship

Over the past 10 years, Gateway Worship has evolved in their powerful expression of worship, as they passionately pursue a journey of discovery and understanding of the power of a unified response to God’s presence and love for His people. As a worship ministry that began leading 200 people, Gateway Worship, located in Southlake Texas, now ministers to over 20,000 people each week through vibrant worship ministry, capturing the sound and songs of the local church Body. Their gift of worship to God resounds with the heart-cry of one of today’s fastest growing congregations, and is being echoed in churches across the world.

Understanding that worship music is an integral part of today’s church, Gateway Worship, led by Thomas Miller, takes that understanding to move beyond simply hearing the truth, to expressing that truth back to our Creator. Gateway Worship uses worship as a catalyst for change that helps to transform our temporary view of who we are and how we see God, to an intimate exchange between every believer and the Creator of Heaven and earth. United with one voice, Gateway Worship maintains the same mission both in the studio and before any gathered body of believers; they are committed to leading the Body into a place of intimate worship and an understanding of the power of worship. This remains a mission that is more important than the music itself, and one that has become an essential part of Gateway’s culture.

This remarkable music flows from an equally remarkable collective. Comprised of worship leaders, singers and songwriters, Gateway’s worship team offers a rich tapestry of experience, talent and perspective. Team members include Thomas Miller, Walker Beach, Sion Alford, Zach Neese, David Moore, Jason Tam and Dove Award-winning artist Kari Jobe. Filled with more than 40 contributors, the group is unswerving in their willingness to transparently reveal how God is moving through and speaking to the church.

Worship Staff

Thomas Miller | Associate Senior Pastor
Sion Alford | Executive Pastor
Walker Beach | Executive Pastor
Ben Haake | Pastor
Kari Jobe | Associate Pastor
David Moore | Pastor
Zach Neese | Pastor
Tim Sheppard | Pastor/Artist in Residence
Jason Tam | Associate Pastor
Cody Carnes | Pastor
Dana Johnson | Associate Pastor Amazing Kids
Eric Orson | Pastor
Amber Rhoads | Frisco Campus Worship Leader
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